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Barrister & Solicitor





Jody Matthew graduated from Toronto's Osgoode Law School with a focus on criminal law, the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and Indigenous justice. For over 20 years, he has provided quality counsel and representation in the courts throughout the GTA, York Region, and surrounding jurisdictions. As a trial lawyer, he has appeared in the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court, and the Court of Appeal of Ontario. He is on the Gladue panel for Indigenous justice. He also does preliminary hearings and bail hearings. His trial experience includes murder, kidnapping, and serious drug offences; however, his pre-trial skills are exemplary, often resulting in resolutions without the expense and stress of a formal trial.


In addition to helping adults with criminal charges, Jody Matthew has extensive experience in providing legal counsel and representation to youth, individuals with mental health issues, and those who struggle with addictions. His office can provide extensive resources to help clients rebound from their charges and gain ownership of their lives. 

Jody Matthew, Youth Justice, Indigenous Justice, Osgoode Law School
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